Eastbourne Skate Festival May 20th

The Eastbourne Skate Festival is back as part of the Sports Festival Weekend.

The sports festival has been running many years across multiple council sports centres, raising funds for the NSPCC, by charging £1 every time you try one of… well, pretty much every non-winter, human powered sport there is! The Skate Festival occupies predominantly the Sunday at one of the Council venues – the (HUGE) Sports Park. The home of Eastbourne Roller Disco!

What Skating will be happening and what can we TRY?

Speed Skating, Hockey, Artistic Dance, Derby, Slalom, Slides, Aggressive, High Jump, Limbo, Long Jump, Roller Frisbee, Roller Basketball, Roller Disco ! (So Far).

Skating Events Time Table

Saturday 20th May – Closed for the Royal Wedding and FA Cup!

Sunday 21st May – Outdoors (Weather Permitting).

Please note times are a GUIDE and may change due to circumstances on the day.

  • Street Skate – Route and duration / start TBC.

Sunday 21st May – Indoors.

Please note times are a GUIDE and may change due to circumstances on the day.

  • 10:00 Opening & Lessons Court 1, Roller Frisbee Court 2
  • 11:00 Free Skate Court 1, Roller Basketball Court 2
  • 11:30 Slalom Court 1, Limbo Court 2
  • 12:00 Hockey Court 1, Long Jump Court 2, Free Skate Court Court 3
  • 12:30 Derby Juniors Court 1, High Jump Court 2, Free Skate Court 3
  • 13:00 Speed Skate – all courts, Centre Free Skate
  • 13:30 Artistic and Freestyle Dance Court 1 & 2, Free Skate Court 3
  • 14:00 Roller Disco , Whole Floor
  • 15:00
  • 16:00 End

Skate hire will be available FREE on a first come first served basis. A security (of at least your shoes) will be required.


Q: Isn’t this the same as Eastbourne Beach Life (Extreme)?

A: The Beach Life (and before that, Extreme) all started in 1998 as the Skate Festival. The original concept was to get as many types of skating together as possible, so skaters could take part and learn from one another. As the years rolled by, this changed into Extreme/Beach and became an event focusing on a few skate sports competitions that you could watch, with ever less focus on taking part (Extreme & now Beach Life). As a result the dynamic changed and ever less skaters came to skate, most people just passed by on foot stopping to watch for a bit. We felt it was time for a re-launch of the much loved original format, making it worth bringing your skates again.

Q: How much does it cost and where does the money go?

A: Everyone trying something, hockey, speed skating, dance etc. need just donate £1, which goes directly to the NSPCC. Each activity lasts 30 minutes to an hour and generally provides all the equipment and expertise you will need! Whether it be archery, fencing and bike riding at the sports festival, or picking up some tips from a pro speed skater at the skate festival. There’s even a family roller disco to finish off!

Q: How can my team/squad/club get involved and what do we get out of it if we join?

A: Just contact us at the Eastbourne Roller Disco or SK8school and we’ll sort out a slot for you, some advertising space a stand or whatever else you need to get the word out to all the skaters that will be there. It won’t cost you a thing and will be a great networking opportunity as well. If you contact us with the answers already prepared to the Demonstrators Pack, that would speed things up enormously 🙂

About some of our Demonstrators


Hastings Crazy Dogs (facebook)

Consisting of about 8 team members, one of which is a Level 2 EIHA Ice Hockey Coach. They will have some Sample kit for you to check out, a Goal sticks, soft pucks etc.

After their demo there will be an area set aside for people to have a crack at shooting at a goal and signing up to try out at your nearest hockey team. If you are interested you should ideally be 7-18 years old – but any age is acceptable!

Artistic Dance

1066 Roller Dance (Facebook)

These Talented Artistic Dancers will be performing and training with around 20 members, starting with a warm up and followed by some routines to music.

After the demo their coaches will be happy to take the general public through some of the moves and the team are looking for new members of any age or ability to join the group.

Slalom and Slides

A mix of skaters from several areas will be hosting the SLIDE and SLALOM demo’s and coaching although both areas will be reserved spaces running all day.

You can expect Slalom Skaters from Brighton, Lewes and Eastbourne to be demonstrating and teaching.

Help Spread the word about the Eastbourne Skate Festival!

See the Facebook Event here : https://www.facebook.com/events/923640811118361/

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