Eastbourne Skate Festival by SK8school and Eastbourne Roller Disco

WHAT : Part of the Eastbourne Beach Life Festival – FREE – Outdoor Roller Disco with Picnic!

WHEN : Saturday Midday(ish)-6pm (ish) and Sunday 2pm(ish)-5pm (ish) – July 16/17th 2022

WHERE : The Skaters Cage Royal Parade OR at the Sports Park (if bad weather – on Saturday)

Map Link : Here

FAQ : What happens if it rains, or looks like it might? – Check the SK8school or Eastbourne Roller Disco facebook pages for announcements. There you’ll find the decision as to whether we’ll move to Eastbourne Roller Disco which you’ll find here. ( Please note – if we do need to run indoors there will need to be an entrance fee £4.50pp for the use of the venue – very good value as we’ll still have 2+ Hours Saturday ! )

FAQ : I’ve got bags and stuff that I don’t really want to skate with, is there anywhere to leave my extra drinks, picnic/ clothes etc? – Yup we’ve got you covered! There’s plenty of places to tuck your stuff away all around the arena with seating and shade from the sun.

FAQ : When is the Picnic ? The Picnic is whenever you like (we suggest 1pm ish).

FAQ : Will there be refreshments available? There are various vendors onsite and nearby shops in Seaside Road. We will have limited amounts of free water available during the day, to refill water bottles etc.

Saturday Program :

Midday : Setup, site music etc. We expect to be fully functional by 2pm. Till then “open skating”, after 2pm tips and tricks followed by roller disco, eat your picnic etc. Some SK8Jam Lessons, skate lessons , Gradings , Slalom etc.

3pm (ish) : Full roller disco into the night… alongside some roller basketball, slalom and maybe some demo’s and teaching too.

Potential for Sussex Skating Activities to run one of their fabulous Tours. (TBC)

6pm (ish) : Close (officially). (If the weather forces an indoor Sports Park Event, we’ll end at 5:30pm).

Sunday Program :

2pm(ish) : Start. Similar program scaled back… open air roller disco. Weather Dependent.

4-5pm ish : Close (depending on how busy !)

Other Stuff :

This part of the Beach Life Event is brought to you by Eastbourne Roller Disco and SK8school, with much appreciated help from Loco and 7Ply. Sussex Skating Activities.

Pictures from the last time here and here.