Another First …

And yes… this really is a thing!

Roller Quidditch is penciled in to demo at the Eastbourne Skate Festival this year, so if you are a life long Hogwarts fan, or just fancy “brushing up” on your skate skills – this is the one for you!

It’s not essential… but it would help if you brought your own broom!

It all sounds complex… but actually its really easy, once you realise Quidditch is essentially 3 games at once on the same pitch…

  • Effectively the Chasers and Keepers are playing Basketball/Handball/Netball/Football – take you pick! Everyone understands at least one of those games.
  • The Beaters are basically playing Dodgeball/Stingball, which is a favorite Eastbourne Roller Disco game every week – Easy!
  • Finally the seekers are playing Donkey Tail – another favorite from the disco!

Put it all together – riding a broomstick and you’ve got Quidditch!