Joining In

On Sunday – The Whole point is Joining In!

This is a skate festival for skaters of all levels (including world champions and first timers) to Have A Go! If you are good – we invite you to demo and teach, we bring lots of skating disciplines under one roof, so even if you are a world champ, there will be something you can learn and try while you are there!

Bring your skates! (Though there will be FREE skate hire if needed).

This is not an event to watch (although it will be great to watch), this is an event to DO!

It’s not a competition, though there are some contests that are open for all to take part in.

The Eastbourne Skate Festival is back.

The Skate Festival fills Sunday at  the (HUGE) Sports Park. The home of Eastbourne Roller Disco!

What Skating will be happening and what can we TRY?

Speed Skating, Hockey, Artistic Dance, Derby, Slalom, Slides, Aggressive, High Jump, Limbo, Long Jump, Roller Frisbee, Roller Basketball, Roller Disco ! (and more).

Check out the Eastbourne Skate Festival Event Schedule here.