Artistic and Freestyle Dance Skating

We are 1066 Rollerdance and we are an artistic roller skating group from Bexhill, anyone is welcome to join and we all skate for fun, we perform at different events as well as holding our own shows and club performances.

The group will be bringing 15-20 performers and will do a warm up and some routines to music as their demo.

Then they’ll happily show YOU how to do some of the moves appropriate to your experience!

They are looking to get their name “out there” and want to try and gain a few new members for the group.

Additionally we’ll be jumping through hoops to please the crowds with a Freestyle Performance from Kiki LaHula of the Roller Girls.

Her performance consists of a body bending gravity defying roller skate and multi hoop display all over her body! Watch out for the finish – attempting 20 hoops at once!

But – as with all the others acts at the skate festival… she’s then available to TEACH YOU TO DO IT and will bring a load of hoops and take you through the basics – guaranteed to get you in a spin!